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Blackberry Lemon Bourbon Smash

Muddled Blackberries and Bourbon are a match made in Heaven and the basis for the cool and refreshing Blackberry Lemon Bourbon Smash. The sweet, tangy and tart flavors of the berries are the perfect contrast to the smoky, spicy and oak flavors of the bourbon. Top it off with a hit of citrus from the lemon, and you have a remarkably complex flavor that is extremely quick and easy to make.

August is always my favorite month of the year for the sweetest, juiciest and most incredible fruits and berries. We just bought some blackberries that were out of this world delicious and I am putting them in everything I can. This cocktail, however, is my favorite, I’m sure it will be one of your favorites as well.

The last thing, since I’m frugal, when we finished our cocktails, I didn’t want all that muddled deliciousness to go to waste. We filled our cocktail glasses with white wine and club soda for a Blackberry Spritzer! And, yes, it is as amazing as it sounds.

Here is how I make the Blackberry Lemon Bourbon Smash:



-Juice the lemon into a cocktail shaker, put the lemon half into a tumbler with 6 blackberries

-Muddle the blackberries and the lemon wedges and top the glass off with ice

-Add all the remaining ingredients to the cocktail shaker with ice, shake 40-50 times, until ice cold

-Pour the cocktail over the muddled berries and give a gentle stir


Blackberry Lemon Spritzer: After the cocktails, don’t throw away the muddled berries, add 3 Ounces of white wine and 2 ounces of club soda for a Blackberry Lemon Spritzer!